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5 Colour Advance Warning Variable Message Trailer Unit (AWVMS)

¨ Solar powered - 2 x 120 Watt

¨ GPS tracking – Remote access from home or on the road

¨ Trailer Mounted with removable draw bar for theft prevention

¨ Raise & Lower: Electric Mast

¨ Cloud–based remote programming

¨ Touchscreen hand controller

¨ Passive Cooling (no fans)

¨ Unique point to point internal wiring

¨ Average power consumption only 50w

¨ Simple and easy to operate, the VMS boards can be programmed using a smart phone, laptop or desktop PC.

¨ Manage single or multiple signs using advanced software by remote access which can be easily set up through your own server to avoid ongoing charges

 ¨ Fully integrated with superior control functions and charging systems, enabling these to be operated remotely.

 ¨ This design avoids the potential risk of faults through complex wiring and reduces the chance of breakdowns due to the board having less failure points.

 ¨ Warranty 2 years (12mths on hand controller)


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