TSNZ Quick Set Portable Traffic Lights

Unpacking and Assembly

Charging and Troubleshooting

Operation and Pairing

Exclusive New Zealand Distributor

Features Include:

  • Inbuilt battery system
  • External antenna for extended range
  • Removable rugged PTSU lightweight head
  • Adjustable tripod height
  • Optional target board
  • PTSU can be configured to run single, shuttle and gating modes


  • Input Voltage - 5v to 24v DC maximum of 30v and cut-off at 26vdc as per specification of charging circuit
  • Battery - 5S2P x 3.2v @7000maH LiFePO4
  • Run time - Approximately 15 hours
  • Charge time - Full charge in less than 5 hours from low battery warning state
  • Each cell is individually monitored
  • Signal Aspects comply to AS2144
  • Radio Communications - Fully encrypted 900Mhz (256 - bit AES encryption for secure data communications)
  • IP45 Rating