EATSNZVATL TSNZ Vehicle Activated Traffic Lights (2 Units - 1 Set)


EATSNZVATL TSNZ Vehicle Activated Traffic Lights (2 Units - 1 Set)

NZTA Compliant, Tested & Approved-AS4191-1994


  • Battery power supply with Solar recharging system
  • Easy to use tablet application for controlling sign via Wi-Fi with range up to 100m.
  • Two way lights system for temporary road work or other occupation on /off road.
  • Wireless or cable connection between lights on both approaches.
  • Green to green protection.
  • Red light fail monitoring.
  • All lights fail monitoring.
  • Wireless Master – Slave communication between two lights, up to 2000m.
  • Wireless remote control for manual controlling, range up to 500m.
  • 24 month Warranty - T&C apply

Controlling the System:-

System can be controlled directly over interface on master unit, remotely via wireless remote control or via tablet Traffic Light application.

System consists of three signal lights (red, yellow and green lamp), supplied with solar panels and batteries, vehicle detector, remote control and tablet with Traffic Light Console.

There is a Wi-Fi access point established within Master unit. It is used for tablet to communicate with the system.